Quantifying Retail Media In-Store Success: Measurement & Innovation

Quantifying Retail Media In-Store Success: Measurement & Innovation 1

The IAB Measurement, Addressability, Data Center worked with the IAB Retail Media Network Committee to release Quantifying Retail Media In-Store Success: Measurement & Innovation.

In the retail industry’s evolving landscape, the emergence of in-store opportunities within Retail Media Networks (RMNs) is a pivotal development. With most retail transactions still occurring physically, there is a growing recognition of the potential in bridging digital advertising with in-person shopping experiences. Retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are innovating in brick-and-mortar spaces to create a more engaging and interconnected shopping journey.

The focus is now on building pervasive, omnichannel experiences that merge digital advancements with the physical retail environment. Personalized advertising, utilizing technologies like digital signage, in-store analytics, and mobile marketing, is central to this approach. These tools aim to capture customer attention and foster engagement, making every in-store interaction both memorable and impactful.

IAB is launching a DOOH and In-Store Retail Media working group on February 7, with the objective of developing a playbook that will enable and educate retailers, agencies, and brands on the DOOH and In-Store opportunity in retail media from activation to measurement. The playbook will focus on the following areas:

  1. Balancing trade and media planning and strategy in-store.
  2. Defining measurement metrics and advanced modeling methodologies.
  3. Providing an in-depth view of technologies, use cases, and frameworks.

First meeting will be on February 7join the working group!

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